Privacy Policy of

In today's world, privacy and corresponding security of private details is perhaps one of the biggest concerns. A small leak can expose your personal details to the world, causing you huge emotional and financial losses. At Assignment Tutor Help, we understand this risk, which is why we consider it to be our moral responsibility to make your familiar with our privacy policy. We believe in absolute transparency with our clients, which is why making you aware about what we do with your personal information is our ethical duty. Here is what you need to know:

  • The concept of IR evolves out from the employment relationship. It is not just confined to a specific domain but has a wider scope for the successful running and growth of organization.
  • Any information registered regarding the student remains strictly within the bounds of the company, with no loopholes or leaks.
  • It is against our policy to give away any information, how much ever trivial, about our students to any third parties.
  • The above policy stands true for our tutors too. We do not give away any information about our affiliated tutors to any external party in any case.
  • Payment details are the most vital information that is susceptible to leaks. This is why we have collaborated with PayPal, who manages all our financial transactions. all your credit card details are managed by PayPal, and we play no role in recording the information.
  • It is, however, under our discretion to share your basic personal information in matter of identification under certain circumstances. These circumstances include situations where we are obligated by law to disclose your details, or when it becomes necessary to share your details in favour of the rights of the company. We can also disclose your details if it is necessary for a judicial proceeding, a court mandate or any other legal process that pertains to our website.
  • The privacy policy stated here is not absolute, and can change anytime under the discretion of All the changes made would be reflected here. If you chose to continue using our service or software after the said changes, it will be assumed that you comply with the changes made. Hence, kindly review the privacy policy frequently in order to remain informed.