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Biology is a science that tells you all about life and living matter. From the origin to the evolution, its structure, functioning and growth of cells, biology can help one understand the anatomy of humans, animals and plants. The subject is really interesting for people, who like to study about life. But, when loaded with coursework, studies and exams, it becomes really difficult to complete assignments and homework. So, what can one do to complete the Biology homework?

Find Biology homework help

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Streams in Biology

Biology is the main umbrella under which a lot of other specializations come. When one specializes in these branches, the study and research becomes cumbersome. Given below are some of the areas where you will find Biology homework writing help.

  • Microbiology: This is a science that involves studying microscopic organisms. These organisms can be single cell, multiple cells or acellular, which means having no cells.
  • Zoology :This is a science that involves comprehensive studying of all the animals.
  • Botany : Botany is meant for plant lovers. It describes the plant life and does a detailed study on them.
  • Herpetology: This is a sub-branch of Zoology that covers reptiles and amphibians.
  • Ornithology: This stream covers the birds and involves studying on the various bird species.
  • Mycology: This science involves studying of Fungi. There are various kinds of fungi found in our environment. So, this science covers the bio-chemical and genetic properties.
  • Entomology: This is dedicated towards insects.
  • Anthropology: Anthropology involves studying the humans, covering the past and the present.
  • Ichthyology: This is a science that is dedicated towards fishes.
  • Marine Biology: This stream of science covers the seas and the oceans. One gets to now about the various facts involved in the marine world.
  • Biotechnology: This is all about living organisms that are found in manufacturing as well as service sectors.

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