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Biotechnology is a part of bio-sciences, which uses a combination of Micro-Biology, Technology, Chemical Engineering and Computer Science for developing useful products. So, it is more of a culmination of Biology and Technology. The subject is quite complicated and requires a good deal of research, studies and efforts. The students have to really work hard in order to get a good score. And, to help in releasing their worry of homework, we provide excellent Biotechnology homework help. We have the skilled tutors and writers who can cover each and every aspect of the subject thoroughly.

Areas of Biotechnology

  • Bio-Informatics: This uses a combination of Mathematics, Computer Science and other sciences for studying and processing the biological data. This is particularly useful in doing the genetic mapping.
  • Bio-Robotics: This is another popular stream which uses the biological information for studying and developing robots.
  • Chemical Engineering: This is a combination of Chemistry with Engineering and is mainly used in the manufacturing industry. Some of the sub-branches are Fuel-cells, Nano-technology and bio-engineering.
  • Bio-Process Engineering: This makes use of Biology for producing various products that can be used in Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and Chemicals. These products are biologically useful and environmentally sustainable.

Importance of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a very popular stream and is gaining a lot of importance these days. It has varied applications and can be helpful in various sectors. Some of the important sectors that benefit out of Biotechnology include Agriculture, Medicine and Industry.

  • Agriculture- In the Agricultural sector, this is used in manufacturing the Genetically Modified Organisms, bio-fuels and are also useful for bioremediation.
  • Medicine- In the field of Medicine, biotechnology is particularly useful in producing newer drugs. It involves doing a lot of research on various diseases and making use of Genetics and Pharmacology for bringing out some cutting edge medicines. With the help of our Biotechnology Assignment Help for Medical Students, you would be able to score really well in your assignments.
  • Industry- Biotechnology is also useful in the Industrial sector. It is useful in producing newer chemicals, detergent, Bio-Fuels and food products. The use of biotechnology can be useful for reducing the carbon footprints and green-house gas emissions.

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