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Computers are the backbones for every company. No company can survive without computerization and automation now. And, when it comes to computers, networking is the most essential as it ensures that all the computers are connected to each other and communicate with each other. Though, it all sounds simple, the course of Computer networking is quite cumbersome and requires a great deal of efforts. The students get bogged down with the amount of homework and practical assignments. To give the students some relief, we provide excellent networking homework help, with which, the students can submit their assignments on time, and get great scores.

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Topics – Computer Networking

Topics covered under Computer networking assignment help include:

  • Socket Programming
  • Internet Protocols
  • Syntax and Semantics of TCP
  • Routing
  • Error Detection
  • Congestion Control techniques
  • Data Encoding
  • Multiple Access Protocols
  • Firewalls
  • SNMP
  • Types of Topologies, including Star, Ring and Bus Topology

Topics – Computer Networking

There are basically four types of Computer Networks, which are commonly used. These include:

  1. LAN: LAN or the Local Area network is used for connecting smaller number of people in a particular location.
  2. MAN: MAN or the Metropolitan Area Network connects the computers in larger areas, and usually covers an entire city.
  3. WAN: WAN or Wide Area network is widely used for connecting larger number of people across geographical locations. It connects the various LANs and MANs.
  4. WLAN: WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network helps in connecting the computers without wires.

The students taking the Computer Networking course also need to know about the networking devices. Some of the networking devices include Hubs, Adapters, Switches, Routers, Modem, etc. The students also need to know about the various concepts such as Firewalls, DHCP or the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Network layers, circuit switching, packet switching, topologies, data communication concepts, routing algorithms, IPV4, IPV6, network management and security, among other things.

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