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Dissertation is a long essay written on a particular subject on which research has been done by the candidate for getting an academic degree. So, dissertation needs a lot of research and studies to eventually prepare a genuine thesis. As such it requires a lot of homework and assignments, we are here to help you with our dissertation assignment help and Dissertation writing services help so that you can get proper words for your research work and attain a professional degree to build your career. We have a team of great writers who will fulfill all your needs related to Dissertation.

Outline of the Dissertation

All the dissertations have these common topics or outlines-

  • Abstract: Abstract is the short summary of the thesis that tells the reader or finder what the whole dissertation actually contains.
  • Introduction: Introduction has the aims and objectives of the research, research problem, problem statement, significance of the problem and hypothesis.
  • Literature review: Review contains relevant researches in the field, already done. Historical backgrounds, relevant literatures, hypothesis etc. make up this section.
  • Methodology: In this section of your dissertation, you have to explain the methods you have chosen for your research. It includes collection of data, strategy, research techniques, analysis methods etc.
  • Results: Results of the analysis should be presented in an organized manner using statistics in the tabular form or other figure which will present outcomes in summarized and systematized manner.
  • Discussion: The heart and soul of the dissertation is discussion where you discuss all your efforts and findings in addition to the previous data and research relevant to the topic.
  • Conclusion: Finally, conclude the dissertation by integrating the previous findings with your recent ones and paved the way for further research.

In the last the dissertation will have recommendations for future research, references and appendices.

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