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Industrial Relations (IR) refers to the network between the employee and the employer. It is a vast subject focused on the study of EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP. Alike Human Resource Management, IR study helps the students to learn the skills to manage the people in the firm for the smooth working of the organization.

Concept of Industrial Relations:

  • The concept of IR evolves out from the employment relationship. It is not just confined to a specific domain but has a wider scope for the successful running and growth of organization.

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Scope of IR:

Industrial Relations concept and theory basically defines the relationship to be maintained at different levels in a firm and dealing with issues, if it arises. Thus, the scope of IR can be detailed as:

  • LABOUR RELATIONS: It deals with the relationship norms between the labour union and management.
  • EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP: Interrelations between the staff and the management.
  • CONFLICTS HANDLING:Carrying out a solution for the smooth working of the industry, in case any conspiracies arises.
  • MAINTAIN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS WITH CLIENTS:It describes the role of various supporting hands of industry that comprises of all the members from labour to management in carrying forward the healthy industrial relations throughout.

Objective of Industrial Relations:

  • The main objective of IR is to adapt harmonious atmosphere for maintaining uninterrupted services all along.
  • The other motive is to achieve the proper functioning of all the productive and managerial departments for which maintenance of non-strife relationship amongst all is very essential.

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