Information Technology Management

Information Technology is the process to how to transfer the information to each other through the use of technology. Use of computers, electronics, software and hardware engineering, programming altogether constitute the making of informatics. Besides all of this, it is a part of business and academics both. We can see the employment of Information Technology is encircled everywhere. In other words, IT plays a significant role in our lives. Another definition of Information Technology can be defined as the study, design, implementation, development and management of computer-based information systems.

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  • Data communication- Data communication is the primary objective of information technology, and it comprises of data transmission, retrieval, and its manipulation through the use of technology.
  • Databases-Databases are the collection of information in an organized way so that information can be updated, managed and accessed quickly. Databases used for storing information are SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, MS Access, etc.
  • Hardware studies- Hardware components such as network cables, distributors, routers, network cards, etc. are used in computer networking to share information and resources with multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Programming Languages- Languages used to communicate instructions to computer hardware. The languages used for communication are C, C++, C#, Java, VB, Net, Matlab, etc. These programming languages are used to create programs to control the behavior of the machine.
  • Data Structures-It is a study of organizing data in a structured way. Data structures can be of many types like stacks, queues, linked lists, arrays, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence-It is a process of developing computers i.e. a computer controlled robot that can think intelligently, like humans.

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