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Operating Systems are the main controllers or managers that help in mediating between the computer and the user. By managing and controlling the execution of programs, it helps in providing an environment where the user is able to execute the program in an efficient manner. In other words, it is the system software that manages the hardware and controls the allocation of various resources like the devices, processors, memory and other information, so that all the applications work cohesively, without clashing with each other. Operating Systems is a tough course within Computer Science and the students really need to work hard on this to achieve a good score.

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Types of Operating Systems:

There are basically three types of Operating Systems:

  • Single User: This is the most common Operating System, and is found on almost all the machines. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP and MS-Dos are some of the examples. In this system, only one user will be able to login at a time.
  • Multi-User: In a larger network, one can find the use of Multi-user Operating System, such as UNIX, Linux, XENIX, etc. In a multi-user system, more than one user can login at a particular time.
  • Network OS: With a network OS, such as Novel Netware, Windows NT, etc., the server can handle more than one PC at a time.

Functions of Operating Systems

Some of the main functions of Operating Systems include:

  • Security: The Operating System is responsible for the overall security. It makes sure that only authorized users have access to the system.
  • Multi-User: The OS allows multiple users to run their own programs concurrently.
  • Multi-Processing: With the help of OS, more than one CPU can run the programs.
  • Multi-tasking: Multiple tasks can be handled at the same time.
  • Memory management: Managing the available memory in such a manner so that it doesn’t clash or crash.


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