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Operations Management is another sphere of management that deals with the entire operation process of the company, right from the manufacture of goods and services to the trading of products. The main area of concern for the operations is to optimize the resource utilization. By putting the resources to optimum use, the company saves on the operation cost. From raw materials to generated product, the operations manager has to control everything. So, all this makes the course a really challenging one. On top of that, the pressure of assignments can really make the students flounder.

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Metrics for Operations Management

The strategy of the organization is to plot the policies effectively so that the resources are used in a productive manner. This helps them in developing a sustainable and competitive advantage. As per our experts, there are basically two metrics for Operations Management:

1. Efficiency Metrics:

  • Productivity: This ratio evaluates between the input and the output. There are different productivity ratios such as warehouse productivity, workforce productivity, machine productivity, etc.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): This measures the key performance and tracks the cycle of product development and system availability.
  • ABC Analysis: This involves evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of revenue inventory. The products are categorized into A, B and C, based on their movement and revenue generation.
  • Throughput: This defines the production of goods within a unit time.

2. Effectiveness metrics:

  • Quality: This metric ensures that only high quality products are manufactured by using minimal resources. Also, the products meet all the necessary specifications.
  • Price: This is to ensure that the cost of production is lesser than the market rate for a product. The cost involves purchase price, manufacturing costs, maintenance costs, etc.
  • Time: This takes into account the time to grow, lead time and time to product maturity.
  • Flexibility: This metric measures the volume of production, stock availability and rate of complexity.
  • Environment-friendly: This metric is to ensure that carbon footprint is minimum and the products are environment friendly.

These were some of the metrics that are covered under Operations Management. With the help of adequate tools, techniques and machineries, the labour and information are appropriately distributed and blended to get maximum output. There are many more aspects of the subject that are covered in the Operations Management writing services. Our tutors know the subject really well and can provide excellent help on assignments. With 100% authentic written material, the students will get only the best assignment work from us.

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