Public Relation Assignment

Public Relations is a way of communication between organizations and the outside world through the media. They provide a way to create a good public image of the respective organizations by their media specialists. Commercial public relations, food-centric relations, and internal communications are the categories of public relations. Tools used for maintaining public relations are press releases, newsletters, blogging, social media marketing, conferences, advertising, etc. Besides all these tools utilized for public relations, the Internet is the primary source to maintain public ties in a well-efficient manner. PR’s are also related to journalism, and they can be considered as a vital component of mass communication.

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Marston’s four step “RACE” model describes the PR process as:-

  • R=Research
  • A=Action
  • C=Communication
  • E=Evaluation
  • Subjects or Topics whatever it may be, we offer guidance on them are:-

  • Careers in public relations- Public relations professionals are natural and efficient communicators, skilled writers who are very well aware of pop culture and current events. There are a variety of careers in public relations. The jobs in public relations can be categorized as publicity, communications, and training.
  • The value of public relations- Value of public relations can be measured in the following terms as it has a measurable impact to achieve organizational goals, it analyses the information vital for an organization to build meaningful relationships with the audience, etc.
  • Public relations support marketing- Public relations plays a significant role in marketing by creating a good rapport of the organization, by publicizing news and events, by promoting manufactured products or services, by making research on public opinion, etc.
  • Public relations in advertising- Public relations and advertising both work in a similar way as they both are designed to target a particular audience to deliver its message and to raise awareness of a company or product or a service in a positive manner.
  • Public relations in journalism- Journalists and public relations professionals need to possess the ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and honestly. Public relations and journalism are both related to each other by some aspects which are building relationships with the public, doing service for public, finding facts and opinions of public regarding any matter, etc.

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