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Social science is all about society and individuals and all the aspects related to them. It is a purely theoretical subject and requires a lot of studying and writing. To write assignments on social science, one really has to put in a lot of time and effort. But, we are here to provide the best possible social science homework help to all the students. With help provided on varied subjects like anthropology, sociology, history, linguistics, etc. we will ensure that your grades will be raised and your teachers are impressed.

What does Social science mean?

Science means knowledge. Based on the evidence, the knowledge is pursued, validated and tested. Some of the subjects covered under Social science include:

  • History: History is all about human past and relates to people, events, memories, places and everything that was done in the past. This subject itself is quite wide and encompasses Military history, political history, social history, economic history, etc. The main sources of history include coins, epigraphs, historical books, sculptures, paintings etc.
  • Linguistics: This is all about the way languages work. Some of the important areas include form, meaning and context of languages. So, the studies are basically on Phonetics, Phonology and Semantics of languages.
  • Philosophy: Philosophy is about fundamental problems which affect the humans. All those basic and spiritual questions like God, reality, life, truth, etc. can be answered with Philosophy. The main branches include Epistemology, Logic, metaphysics, Ethics and Aesthetics.
  • Law: There are different disciplines within law, including Mercantile Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, etc. With all those sections and cases to be learnt, it is a very complicated subject on its own.
  • Geography: Geography is the study of places, nature, climate, weather, latitudes, longitudes and the habitats.
  • Economics: Economics deals with production, distribution and the consumption of wealth. The two main areas of Economics include micro-economics and macro-economics. Micro-Economics is a unit-level analysis and deals with demand, supply, pricing theory, production, monopoly, costing, etc. Macro-Economics is at a higher level and involves studies on inflation, unemployment, fiscal policies, international trade, commerce, etc.
  • Anthropology: It is all about studying of humans in the societies that are alien. It is a mix of social and life sciences and humanities. The subject can be broadly classified into Social Anthropology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology and the linguistics in anthropology.
  • Archaeology: It is a study of the remote past, taking out information by digging out places and ruins.
  • Political Science: This is all about politics, governance and political behaviour. The main sub-heads include political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public law, administration, etc.
  • Sociology: This includes studying on society and social institutions. The assignments on sociology usually include writing on marriage customs, recreational habits, dietary habits, religious customs and other things. For completing the assignments, the student has to conduct interviews and write about the general observations and findings.

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